Procedure Description

Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that’s usually performed inside the acute phase if being diagnosed with a compression fracture. it’s very similar to vertebroplasty however with sure distinguishable variations. during the procedure, a small balloon is inflated inside the vertebral body to make space for the injection of bony cement. This cement helps to solidify the vertebral section and add support to the once compromised vertebral body.

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When to consider

Due to the character of fractures within human anatomy and also the practice of medicine it’s vitally important that if kyphoplasty is to be thought of that the diagnosis of fracture be made early and procedure performed shortly thenceforth. For the best results kyphoplasty ought to be performed within eight weeks from the onset of symptoms. Compression fractures are often caused from traumatic incident or pathologic disease like osteoporosis or osteogensis imperfecta. The fractures will usually be diagnosed through x-ray imaging and shortly once diagnosis a plan of care ought to be developed.

Symptoms related to spinal compression fractures are usually very similar to the symptoms caused by alternative spinal pathologies.

Recovery from kyphoplasty

As with alternative minimally invasive spinal procedures, a kyphoplasty can offer a really short recovery time. Due to the character of the procedure and also the intent being to add stability back to the vertebral body with the injected cement, it’s vital to follow post-operative restrictions closely therefore as to not compromise the result of the procedure.

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