Procedure Description

A laminotomy is a surgical operation where a small portion of the lamina is taken from the vertebral body so decompression can be achieved. A laminotomy is usually performed in conjunction with different decompressive procedures like foraminotomy and discectomy.

With a laminotomy procedure, the goal is to attain the most decompression with as very little surgery as possible. At Tampa Spine Institute that’s always our goal. Some spinal conditions lead to the lamina striking upon the exiting nerve roots of the gap or the spinal cord itself. once this happens, symptoms arise and they will present in a form of ways such as; burning sensations, numbness, and tingling, weakness, atrophy, shooting or stabbing pain.

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When to consider

A laminotomy is a surgical operation and as such should be considered as a final resort. Patients ought to be encouraged to exhaust all measures of conservative treatment before surgery is to be thought of. If symptoms persist or worsen throughout the course of conservative treatment, a laminotomy is considered in conjunction with alternative procedures.

Laminotomy is a minimally invasive procedure that serves the purpose to assist patients avoid the a lot of standardopen back types of procedures. If you have exhausted conservative care and are in need of relief – Please discuss it with U.S. thus we are able to suggest choices that can grant you relief.

What to expect in surgery

Most laminotomy procedures are performed through outpatient minimally invasive approaches that we proudly supply at Tampa Spine Institute. once a patient arrives at the facility for a laminotomy procedure there’s usually a short amount of your time spent within the immediate pre-op unit. A laminotomy with associated decompressive procedures can usually take 60-90 minutes in the operating room. Following surgery patients can usually spend a brief amount of time within the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU). Patients are then discharged and can leave the facility for the day.

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