Procedure Description

A percutaneous discectomy is a surgical treatment that involves removal of disc material that may be inflicting spinal cord or nerve root irritation and inflammation. A discectomy is often performed on bulging herniated, or protrudingdiscs. There are several approaches to performing discectomies however it’s mostly done through minimally invasive procedures.

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When to consider discectomy

As with any surgical procedure a discectomy ought to solely be thought-about once measures of conservative care have failed. typically times in the acute phase of symptom onset a bulging or herniated disc will heal on its own through rest and rehabilitation.

If symptoms persist and imaging like an mri or CT scan identifies that the patient is plagued by bulging or herniated discs than a discectomy is considered.

Recovery from percutaneous dicectomy

Patients who have undergone discectomy through a minimally invasive approach can usually feel relief quickly following surgery. With soft tissue, however, it’s important to pay close attention to the post-operation guidelines and lifting restrictions per the doctor’s orders to stop the chances of re-herniating the disc. returning to work can rely upon the patient, the extent of the procedure, and also the job description.

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